From Yarn to Many Good Things in Life

Product Quality

From Yarn to Many Good Things in Life

Product Quality

Over 4 decades of sustained growth in product markets and customer base is a testament to our superior product quality, differentiated service levels, and continuous innovation. These are the hallmark of our success. Our Quality department houses state-of-the-art equipment to keep up the ever-challenging and exacting needs of the customers and allows us to offer seamless quality assurance across various technology platforms.  

Uster UT6

Uster Tester 6 is used for checking yarn evenness, yarn imperfections, yarn hairiness, yarn diameter. It is also used to check Uster Evenness at various stages of the process for better process control. 

Uster Classimat 5

Uster Classimat 5 is used for checking yarn fault classification. It is used to check yarn quality at the final stage and also to optimize process parameters.

Uster Tensorapid 5

Uster Tensorapid UTR 5 is used to check single yarn Strength, Tancity and Elongation % of yarn. It is an important quality parameter that influences weaving or knitting machine performance.

Uster HVI 1000

Uster HIV 1000 is used for checking raw cotton for staple, MIC, strength, and colour of cotton.

Uster AFIS PRO 2

Uster AFIS PRO 2 is used for checking short fiber and neps in cotton during the process for optimizing process parameters.


Uster Zweigle HL 400 Hairiness tester used for checking yarn hairiness and also very useful for optimizing process parameters in spinning and winding machines.

Mesdan Lab: Portable Splice Scanner

It is used for checking Splice strength and is very useful for process control.

Additionally, we are equipped with all basic lab types of equipment for checking the entire range of tensile properties and Splice strength.  Apart from these offline lab instruments we also monitor our position wise yarn faults on the machine itself for further optimization of the process.